Understanding Environmental Justice:  Guidance for Regulated Facilities

Meet the Experts

Alexandra Dunn, Partner, Baker Botts LLP
David Cozad, Director, Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, USEPA Region 7
Stan Meiburg, Executive Director, Center for Energy, Environment &Sustainability, Wake Forest Univ.
Katharine Bond, Vice President, Public Policy, Dominion Energy
J. Michael Showalter, Partner, ArentFox Schiff LLP
Alma Feldpausch, Ramboll
Alec Messina, HeplerBroom
Roger Walker, REGFORM (Moderator)

Is your facility ready to address environmental justice in 2023?

For two years, the Biden Administration through Executive Orders, advisory groups, budget allocations, and Agency action has been steadily teeing up the legal and administrative support structure for advancing Environmental Justice.

New Federal offices and programs have been established. Unprecedented amounts of Federal funding have been allocated for an all-of-government approach. A slew of new Federal guidance, FAQs, screening tools, definitions, and policies have been issued.

The stage is set now for an aggressive, national effort to address Environmental Justice in 2023. These efforts will have a dramatic impact on virtually every aspect of environmental protection and regulation, including permitting decisions, public input, siting, project development and compliance/enforcement.

Get ready

This half-day event will address

Where are we right now on this evolving issue?

Sorting through the flurry of Federal activity including:

What is the EJ nexus with Civil Rights?

Status of civil rights complaints US EPA has engaged on (Chicago; a concrete plant near Flint, MI; San Joaquin Valley air quality; Louisiana; and Texas.)

What is the impact of emerging EJ policy on state and local agencies? 

Knowns vs. Unknowns. We have the revolution; will there be a counter-revolution?

Recent State and Federal Court decisions?

Public Trust Doctrine, Clean Air Act jurisprudence, Civil Rights case law, etc.

What does Environmental Justice mean for the regulated community?

Inspections and compliance/enforcement

Public input and participation

How is permitting impacted if “disparate impact” is identified?

How does EJ apply to site remediation? Siting new projects? NEPA? etc.

What is the nexus between EJ, ESG, or Sustainability?

What should I be doing right now? What can I do long-term?

Best Environmental Practices for regulated facilities

Examples of being proactive or engaging directly in your community

Will EJ activities extend beyond the Biden Administration?

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December 6, 2022 7:45 am - December 6, 2022 12:00 pm


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