2018 Missouri Water Seminar PowerPoint Presentations

Approaches to Compliance Assistance (CA) and Avoiding Triggering True Enforcement, ERIN LEPPER, MDNR, DEQ; PAUL DICKERSON, MDNR, WPP

PFOS and PFOA in Missouri, Tina Liu, GHD; Eric Medlock, MDNR

Water Protection Program Update, Chris Wieberg, MDNR

Impacts of Ever Expanding 303(d) List, Rob Morrison, Barr Engineering

Corps Concepts, Justin Hughes, US Army Corps of Engineers

WOTUS in MO, How Does it Apply, Aimee Davenport, Stinson Leonard Street

Understanding Water Quantity Needs, Rob Hunt, MDNR

Ethical Issues in Environmental Litigation, Stephen Jeffery, Jeffery Law Group

Smoke Testing With a Drone, Phil Walsack, Burns & McDonald

Drones in Next Gen Compliance, Brittany Barrientos, Stinson Leonard Street

Red Tape Reduction Changes Coming, Tim Bull, MDNR

Implementing NNC, John Hoke, Angela Falls, MDNR

Stormwater BMPs part 1, Drew Hane, Stormwater Pro STL

Personal Liability for Infractions, Robert Brundage, Newman Comley & Ruth

Legal Developments Affecting Region 7, Dave Cozad, US EPA Region 7

No Exposure Certification for SW, Amanda Sappington, TRC

Wastewater Treatment for Nutrient Removal, Michael Thompson