REGFORM’s mission is to ensure the development and negotiation of environmental regulations, laws, and policies are grounded on sound science and designed to produce demonstrated environmental improvements commensurate with the cost of compliance.

REGFORM is committed to early involvement in the regulatory and policy-making process–striving to provide technically sound input in an ever-expanding universe of rules, laws, and polices that impact Missouri’s regulated facilities.

We advocate vigorously on behalf of our Members to help develop regulations and policies that protect the State’s remarkable natural resources and environment, without unduly burdening regulated entities, which have committed tremendous resources to create jobs and economic opportunity.


Membership in REGFORM provides many direct benefits:

  • Members have an increased opportunity to provide critical, facility-specific input into the rulemaking process as part of REGFORM’s on-going efforts to negotiate and advocate for regulations and policies before State Agencies and Commissions.
  • Members provide input on existing rules and policies for REGFORM to include in our active advocacy efforts.
  • Members gain access to timely information:
    • Meeting Summary and inside analysis of every Commission meeting:  Air, Water, and Hazardous Waste
    • Member Alerts on a multitude of permitting and enforcement issues that are sent only to REGFORM Members
    • Meeting Summary and analysis of every Advisory Forum: Air, Water, and Hazardous Waste, as well as many of a broad range of stakeholder meetings
    • Quarterly updates and analysis of Air, Water and Hazardous Waste issues–provided to all Members at our Quarterly REGFORM member meetings
  • Members benefit from unique opportunities for informal discussions with top MDNR and EPA regulators at quarterly meetings and our various seminars. These are folks you want to know before you have an issue.
  • Members network and share critical information with like-minded professionals within our REGFORM membership. Members frequently provide permitting insights, strategies, enforcement issues, observations, and other valuable perspectives with fellow members aimed at resolving the complex issues they face.
  • Members receive enrollment discounts for all REGFORM seminars and trainings.
  • Legislative Updates are provided for members that outline key components of various bills currently in front of the Missouri General Assembly.
  • Members are invited to the annual REGFORM Regulator’s Reception in October where we host high-level MDNR staff in an informal, invitation-only format.
  • Members save money whenever REGFORM successfully works with MDNR to streamline a permitting or paperwork issue, implementation of the Hazardous Waste “No Stricter” law, reduced WET testing requirements, or the elimination of the State requirement for water construction permits.
  • REGFORM serves members as a daily Jefferson City watch dog on the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Download the 2022 REGFORM annual accomplishments report here.