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The Missouri Environmental Reporter (MER) is an email-based subscription information service designed to help environmental consultants, attorneys, and other service providers stay on top of the latest developments in Missouri environmental rules, policies, commission hearings, stakeholder activities, staff changes, and more.

MER  is a product and service of REGFORM, the Regulatory Environmental Group for Missouri, which is celebrating its 25th year in 2019. This is the first time REGFORM has made this information available to non-members. MER subscribers receive regular timely summaries of commission meetings, advisory forums, and stakeholder meetings, as well as other valuable information such as environmental alerts, staffing updates, and curated environmental news links.

As a subscriber to MER, you are in a great position to serve clients, customers, and constituents by having at hand the latest information on important environmental matters. MER can also save you hundreds of hours per year in non-billable time and travel costs.

For just $100/month (billed annually), you’ll receive:

Environmental Commission Meeting Summaries.

  1. Air Conservation Commission (8-10 meetings per year)
  2. Clean Water Commission (4 meetings per year)
  3. Hazardous Waste Management Commission (4 meetings per year)
  4. Solid Waste Advisory Board (6-8 meetings per year)

Stakeholder Meeting Summaries.

  1.  Air Advisory Forum (2-4 meetings per year)
  2. Water Protection Forum (1-3 meetings per year)
  3. Utility and Energy Industries Stakeholder Meetings (ad hoc)
  4. Industry Stakeholder Meetings (ad hoc)
  5. Municipal Stakeholder Meetings (ad hoc)
  6. Other ad hoc Stakeholder Meetings, as they occur (e.g., fees, mRBCA, permitting, specific rule amendments, methodology and document changes, etc.)

Calendar. Meetings we will attend

Staffing updates. MDNR and US EPA Region 7

Alerts. Notices of legal and administrative decisions warranting immediate attention

Environmental News Links.

Twice each month we’ll send you a collection of links to key news stories and blogs on Federal and State policies, and other environmental topics.


Subscription Cost

$100/month (billed annually) $1,200 for full year.



Roger Walker, Executive Director, REGFORM (rwalker@regform.org; 573.415.7699)
Kevin Perry, Assistant Director, REGFORM (kperry@regform.org; 573.680.5069)
238 E. High Street
Jefferson City, MO  65102


How to Subscribe

Please fill out the form below and send your check for $1,200 payable to “REGFORM.”

For a prorated subscription rate, please contact Roger Walker. To pay by credit card, contact Kevin Perry.


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(There is no limit on the number of internal subscribers, but you may not distribute MER outside your organization.)

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