About Us

The Regulatory Environmental Group for Missouri (REGFORM) is the premier statewide business organization working on environmental policy in Missouri. We work closely with state and federal agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that environmental protection in Missouri is based on sound, technically defensible science that produces demonstrated environmental improvement commensurate with the cost of compliance.


REGFORM is a statewide business association, a team, that works closely with state and federal agencies at the front end of the regulatory process to provide sound and technically defensible input on environmental regulations and policies.

REGFORM’s primary objective is the development and negotiation of environmental regulations and policies in Missouri that are based on sound science and that produce demonstrated environmental improvements commensurate with the costs involved for compliance.

We actively participate in the public process. Our goal is to identify issues and concerns early in the process of developing rules, guidance and policies so they can be addressed by all stakeholders prior to formal publication.

The Regulatory Environmental Group for Missouri is the premier organization affecting environmental policies in Missouri. No group can boast the track record or reputation that we have for making change and maintaining a presence in the minds of state and federal regulators and Commissioners. We make the difference.


The work of REGFORM cannot be done without our valuable members. Each company representative knows his/her facility best. In order to analyze a proposal, assess its impacts or develop a fix, we need the unique perspective of each member.

We’re making decisions every day. While we are careful to anticipate unintended consequences, we can’t watch out for your interests unless you’re involved.

Your voice matters. Your perspective adds to our success. Your experience is valued by other members–just like you’ll benefit from their experience.

Make sure we’re looking out for your best interest. Join REGFORM today.


REGFORM saves its members money by addressing costly problems before they gain a foot-hold as a regulation, guidance, or policy.We also add to your bottom line by keeping you informed. You’ll have the lead-time you need to plan for change, rather than react.

REGFORM dues are $6,750 annually. We work hard to make the most efficient and productive use of your annual membership dues.

Membership in REGFORM puts you in touch with EHS managers of companies across the State who share information and strategies on REGFORM projects and other issues. Several times during the year we meet with key state and federal regulators to discuss issues of importance to our members.

We also provide a means of anonymously raising company-specific issues with decision-makers to gauge their reaction before it is necessary to commit to a more expensive course of action.

REGFORM leads industry on fee representation. We are relentless, but strategic, when it comes to working with Commissioners and program managers.

Many of our member companies view REGFORM as a way to add the capabilities of another staff person for only a small fraction of the expense it would otherwise incur.


Since REGFORM charges the same flat rate for all its members, every company, large or small, has an equal voice in the projects we take on. And solidarity counts. We routinely “stick together” on issues that affect only a portion of our members.

You won’t have to worry about the motives behind REGFORM positions. Consulting and law firms can’t join REGFORM. The views of regulated entities are the ones that count when our members get together to decide on a position.

We’re diverse. So you’ll fit in. Our member companies are large and small. We represent the full range of industries at work in Missouri. Check out the list of members. You’ll want to be a part of the action when this group takes a stand.





Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.


The Boeing Company


Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.

City Utilities of Springfield

Continental Cement Company

The Doe Run Company

The Empire District Electric Company

General Dynamics-OTS

General Motors

Holcim (US) Inc.

Honeywell FMT



Lhoist North America

Mississippi Lime Co.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation


University of Missouri