PowerPoint Presentations for 2016 Missouri Hazardous Waste Seminar

8:30 am Michelle Hartman, Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action Default Target Levels and Tier 1 Risk-Based Target Levels Update… the What, the Why, and the When

9:20 am Steve Sturgess, Hazardous Waste Program Overview and Update

9:40 am Kathy Flippin, In the Rear-View Mirror—A Look Back at the First Year (Almost) of No Stricter Than Implementation

10:30 am Linda Vishino, Proposed Federal Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule

11:10 am, Diana Marquez, Vapor Intrusion—Driving Cleanups, but Driving People away from VCP?

11:50 pm Tony Pierce, Speculative Accumulation, A Refresher

12:50 pm Julie Marks, Hazardous Waste Determination—Get it Right

1:30 pm Rob Hanley, Ph.D., Hazardous Substances Spill Rule

2:10 pm Rich Nussbaum, PE, RG, New Fees Give, New Funding Formula Takes Away

2:45 pm Chris Cady, Ph.D., Refreshing mRBCA Guidance

3:05 pm Rich Nussbaum, PE, RG, DSW in MO—Will it Fit?

3:50 pm Chuck Kroeger, 10 RCRA Compliance Concerns That Can Trip You Up